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Alive introduces this technological innovation in Latin America. We are the only ones in the region which are capable of offering such a sophisticated level of service. Alive Time Machine provides a holistic treatment not only for beauty purposes but also for wellness and complete body relaxation. It helps rejuvenation, longevity, and general wellness with suitable therapies for men and women of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Relax, stress relief, intense detox and body remineralization. It improves skin status, activates metabolism and digestion, shapes your body, restores hormonal balance, acts as body firming, promotes general wellness, and stimulates and restores vital energy. It offers a wide range of therapeutical treatments for different personal needs, including:


• Thermal treatment: The capsule offers the opportunity to enjoy the healing properties of thermotherapy. Steam and infrared saunas provide the body with gentle heat, caressing the skin with warm mist and heating the body completely. The steam session helps achieving the best results in skin care, due to minerals and vitamins permeation in the top layers of the dermis. Infrared heat activates the detox process ad relieves pain and muscle tension. A deep relaxation of your body is achieved thanks to a nice combination of temperature and humidity.


• Vichy shower/hand shower for the body: It is equipped with a switch to set temperature and pressure. The system refreshes, revitalizes and relaxes your body completely. Depending on the selected mode, you can shape the contours of the body, start the rejuvenation process or treat cellulite and seasonal depression.


• Oil massage: Any massage is more pleasant in the comfortable and ergonomic Alive Health Capsule.


• Chromotherapy: Excellent antidote for seasonal depression. With chromotherapy you can relax and let the imagination take you to exotic, warm places, where everything is shining in different colors.


• Aromatherapy: Fresh and bracing citric essences, delicate flavors and soft fragrances. The healing forces of nature help fighting many diseases of the body and soul, giving pleasure, relaxation, peace, and acting positively on health.



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